Sucking my FRIEND'S dick while HUSBAND is in the other room!

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3 years ago
The way girls always say it's not the size but how you use it, there must be a lot of REALLY useless guys out there because I've never had complaints and everyone's dick is bigger than mine.
They say I only think mine is little because I watch porn.
Well, I'm beginning to believe that 5" average is total bullshit because I'm 5.5" and I hardly ever see any as SMALL unless it's on a porn.
2 years ago
Found someone with the same size dick as me cool.
3 years ago
Right now I'm so horny I think I'd swap dicks with the guy if it meant getting sucked like that!
3 years ago
It may only be a 3 inch dick, but I bet it still feels good when she goes balls deep.
3 years ago
Maybe lol but he getting head still. And she likes it I'd let her suck me for a few hours looking into those sexy eyes
gay tunisia 3 years ago
i am from tunisia and i want to suck a small dick like that
Her eyes are a turn on 3 years ago
July 14 2019 3 years ago
She looks like my ex Elisha Bond
Nick Saban 10 months ago
I remember getting head when I was 5 but my dick was a little larger
Slim 1 year ago
There's something really horny about a flexible curvy woman controlling a smaller penis. She already knows she's the winner and really is looking at the camera in that way!