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3 years ago
Dude need to shut the fuck up
Rap God YungCa$hRegister 3 years ago
yo my MOTHERFUCKIN NIGGAZ, it's ya boiii.
Straight out of Atlanta the realest to write these flows on xnxx porn site..
Check it.. This goes out to my nigga Mike Adriano..
"Mike Adriano on the Mike Adriano, getting his Mike Adriano Adrianoed, by Mike Adrianiiii"
LIT AS FUCK NIGGAZ!! (numerous fire emojies)
Little Larry 3 years ago
Mike get some new socks buddy. You're going to lose circulation in your dumbass legs
Jenny Halstead 3 years ago
I was choking on a quarter in 4th grade and Mike Adriano performed CPR and saved my life. I am in dept to Mike Adriano and will do anything to repay him.
But he is also has a hella weak cumshot and is a dumb mother fucker that can't even write a full paragraph.
Thank you for helping me, Mike but you're a dumbfuck.
JimmyG 2 years ago
Mike has some super hot women that are AWESOME rimmers. But there is something really weird about a male porn star that fakes his orgasm. It's so damn annoying I can't stand watching his shit. He says "I'm cumming" when he obviously is not cumming. But when why would a normal dude even need to? He has two hot girls who would do anything he wants. It's just weird weird shit.
2 years ago
Tommy 6 months ago
The ass on the blue shirt babe looks so fucking yummy, I would love to taste and tongue fuck her hot ass.
Guest 5 months ago
Adriano is a terrible porn star and director but you have to give props to any man that earns a living getting double teamed by hot girls.
Alex 2 years ago
Quiero una perra así en mi cama
8 months ago
Que zorras